2018 Clean Energy Awards

11 homes, a school and community centre with 300kWp of solar panels creating a virtual smart local energy grid allowing the community to maximise use of the free energy it generates. To ensure that it provides these clients with the very best solutions to the meet their needs, the firm is constantly evolving and innovating, as Dudley highlights. “Utilising and developing advanced technology is at the core of what we do as a company, and as such we are continually adopting and maximising the utility that we get from the latest technology. We use a series of cloud services to increase our efficiency as a company, from Trello and JIRA to manage product delivery and project timelines, to XERO for accounting – we find that this increases our ability to be agile and responsive. An example of this is that we have recently migrated all of our product and project documentation to online Wikis enabling us to share progress and specifications with partners and use creating documentation as a collaborative working tool. “Additionally, we are building cutting edge technology in our GridShare platform, enabling next generation energy models, and we use many advanced software technologies in order to deliver this. The majority of the platform is built in Haskell – the same tech that Facebook uses for its core data handling functions – and we are integrating the latest components from AWS into our infrastructure to maximise its resilience and scale.” Looking ahead, Moxia is keen to continuing growing and adapting to meet the ever evolving needs of its clients, as Dudley concludes. “Moving forward, at Moxia we believe that as an industry we are edging towards what we consider to be a perfect storm as a number of economic and industrial factors come together. We believe that Moixa will be at the heart of addressing many of these developments. The UKs Electricity grid was never designed to connect to the gW of wind and solar let alone the forthcoming demands created by the boom in electric cars, so the potential for curtailing spend in network upgrade via the installation of storage will be a significant future component of our business. Moixa is working with Northern Powergrid and Energise Barnsley on a trial, which links 40 home batteries in a single substation to demonstrate how virtual power plants can relieve pressures on the electricity network and enable more homes to install solar panels without having to upgrade the local network. The project is expected to halve residents’ energy bills and save millions in the costs of running the UK’s power network. “Ultimately, our vision is to manage all the world’s batteries, through leveraging our patents, platforms and partners, and we look forward to taking advantage of the opportunities this will bring for our firm over the months and years ahead.” Company: Moixa Contact: Guste Sadaunykaite Address: 29-31 Saffron Hill, London, EC1N 8SW, UK Phone: 077 19604832 Website: www.moixa.com Moixa Personalised Dashboard (left) and Moixa Smart Battery (right)