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Energy Sector Business Travellers Least Likely to use Public Transport to the Airport

February 2, 2018


Travel trends from The Heathrow Express Business Travel Insights Report.

Ninety-four per cent of business travellers in the energy sector report to use private cars, taxis or Ubers to get to the airport, while only 28% say that they ever use public transport on their business trip transfers to and from the airport.

The Heathrow Express Business Travel Insights Report, reveals that energy is at the bottom of the industry sector league table of those saying that they that they use public transport transfers to get to the airport for business trips.

The state of the nation report on business travel across the UK, Germany and the US and commissioned by Heathrow Express also found that business travellers in the energy sector take more business trips than any other sector – 5.5 trips per year, when domestic and international trips are combined. In addition, business trips in the sector are of the longest duration (other than in the travel sector) with an average trip lasting 6.3 nights and 84% upgraded to premium economy, business or first class on long-haul journeys. Business travellers in this sector were also more likely to be travelling alone (53%) compared to any other sector.

While 47% of business travellers in the energy sector book business travel themselves and a further 35% use the internal travel department or their PA to book travel, 23% reported that over the past three years they were becoming more reliant on business travel agents.

Eight out of ten business travellers ranked personal safety as their number one priority when booking flights and accommodation, whereas speed was stated as the most important factor when booking travel transfers to and from airports.

Fraser Brown, Director of Heathrow Express said: “Services like the Heathrow Express provide a more sustainable, faster and safer journey for busy travellers. Our express rail link is the quickest into London from the airport, and we want to see more passengers in the energy sector switching over to the benefits rail brings. It’s our mission to make business travel even easier for our corporate customers, and with free Wi-Fi and super-fast 4G onboard for the whole journey, power sockets and ample luggage space throughout the train, why not get on board?”   

Notes to editors: The Heathrow Express Business Travel Insights Report, 2017, surveyed 2424 travellers and reveals booking and travel patterns, insights into work/life balance, personal spending habits and thought processes behind current decision-making trends.

Research consultants Arkenford conducted online research among international business travellers in August 2017 with samples sourced from online panel providers with 500 from the UK; 500 from Germany and 500 in the US. In addition the sample was boosted by 907 from Heathrow Express customers, most of who were from the UK.

Heathrow Express is a non-stop train service between Paddington station and Heathrow. With its electric trains taking 15 minutes, it is the fastest, way to travel to and from Britain’s hub airport and central London.

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