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Iran's Polymer Exports via W Azerbaijan Halted Due to Turkey Coup Attempt

April 27, 2016


Iran closed its West Azerbaijan border terminals and temporarily halted polymer exports to Turkey on Saturday due to the coup attempt in Turkey, Iranian Mehr news agency reported.

Affected land-based shipments from Iran to Turkey include linear low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene and polypropylene, the agency said.

Sea-based shipments to Turkey appear to be unaffected, a Saudi Arabia producer said Sunday, adding that land routes from Saudi Arabia to Turkey were already closed due to the ongoing Syrian conflict. The impact on the polymer business from the Turkey coup attempt would depend on the security situation and how quickly factories and offices began working again post-crisis, the producer added.

Sources at a Saudi Arabian producer, an Indian producer, a Turkish trading house and a major distributor all confirmed their staff in Turkey were safe.

Around 80% of Turkey's polymer demand is met by imports, a trader said.

Turkey imported 1.3 million mt of PE, 1.7 million mt of PP and 791,000 mt of PVC in 2015, according to a trader.

Iran was the third largest PP exporter to Turkey in 2015, after Saudi Arabia and Egypt, and the second largest LLDPE and HDPE exporter after Saudi Arabia.

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