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Cal-ISO Sets Record for Solar Generation for Second Straight Day

January 1, 2016


The California Independent System Operator set a solar generation record for a second straight day Tuesday with instantaneous output of 8,030 MW, the ISO said in a statement Thursday.

Solar output peaked around 1:06 pm PDT Tuesday, the same day the ISO also set a record for total daily output of 73.5 GWh.
The prior record for instantaneous solar output, 7,936 MW, occurred at 1:07 pm Monday, according to Cal-ISO. Before that, the record was 7,888 MW, set June 22.

Across the 1 pm hour Tuesday, generation from solar PV accounted for 22% of overall generation, according to ISO data.

As for the overall contribution from renewables Tuesday, market share peaked at 10 am, coming in at just more than 40%. During the system peak, which occurred at 5:54 pm, solar and wind combined with other renewables to provide nearly 29% of electricity needs, according to Cal-ISO. Market share reached as high as 56% over short periods of time in May.

Total renewable capacity connected to grid stands at 18,718 MW, with solar resources making up 8,600 MW and wind accounting for about 6,000 MW, according to Cal-ISO. The remaining capacity is made up of geothermal, biofuel, small hydropower and energy storage.

In the real-time market, SP15 LMP on-peak averaged $24.08/MWh Tuesday, $9.29 lower than the peak price of $33.37/MWh in the day-ahead market, indicating the grid got more solar than was anticipated. Real-time prices nearly doubled the following day on higher overall load with above normal temperatures.

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